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Q4 Clue 661 | Creativity

People tend to link the characteristic of creativity to a specific DISC style. But nothing could be further from the truth; creativity involves all styles. But then comes the question: how does that work per style?


Creativity requires a certain amount of risk-taking. Especially when you go off the beaten track. And don’t forget the commitment it requires. A brilliant idea, solution, or method doesn’t just appear out of thin air; a lot of work usually goes into it.


You need inspiration. It doesn’t always have to come from you. An I-style colleague can, for example, associate freely during a brainstorming session, which can lead others to unexpected thoughts. Often comes up with many new ideas and initiatives.


Empathy is also an important characteristic. The ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes or situations can create very interesting solutions. Plus, the ability to persevere until you have found the solution is essential in a creative process.


So how does the C style achieve this? Through their analytical skills, they can look at things from different angles. The more knowledge, the more creative to come up with original and out-of-the-box ideas, solutions, methods, and improvements.


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