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Q4 Clue 660 | Max Verstappen World Champion!

In a way typical of Formula 1, when you think this is it, suddenly everything turns upside down. More than 5 million Dutch people saw it happen, and the whole Emotion Spectrum passed. How do these manifest in the different styles?


We could place the core emotion of anger under our D style, and anyone can get angry. Yesterday at race control or a not to-be-named team boss. How this manifests depends on the intensity of this style. Directly, indirectly, verbally, or, for example, by walking away.


Let’s put the emotion joy with the I-style. Again, we have all the styles in us. The intensity may vary, but most Dutch people were probably really happy yesterday. This style will keep up the positivity even when things look very bleak. And behold, in the final lap…


Many spectators have shed a tear or at least had to swallow some sadness emotion. This is the style in us that gets touched by the emotions we see, of the winner(s) but also the loser(s), the father(s)… With everybody, how it reveals itself is personal.


Then we have the core emotion of fear. This is not the fearful style, but it is the style that can be concerned with understanding the facts and seeing all the details. Yesterday we all, some sooner than others, felt; I’m afraid today will not be the day.


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