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Q4 Clue 659 | How others think of you

We all ask ourselves this question from time to time. Some probably more than others. How do we deal with this?


This style can handle it the easiest. Especially in a business setting, it is less critical whether others like you or not. Note that this does not mean for everyone. For peers, beloved ones, friends, etc., who are close to you, it can undoubtedly matter.


For the I-style, on the other hand, it is imperative what others think about you. Consciously, but often also subconsciously, you are always busy with this question. No matter how often you tell yourself that you should ignore it. This can be a real pitfall of this style.


This is also a style that can be very preoccupied with this question. Especially to people close to you, such as your family, circle of friends or colleagues. You want others to think good about you. By being kind, loyal and supportive. By being there for them, by working hard.


This style basically does everything to perfection, thoroughly and flawlessly. So others can only think positive about you, right? But what if you don’t know yet or can’t do something very well yet? What if you have to do something new? Or in case of change. Do you stay quiet and passively wait until …?


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