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Q4 Clue 657 | Watching TV

Did you watch television yesterday? On World Television Day… But how do we watch television these days?


Watches in a focused way. Prefers to make their own choices. That can be anything, based on the interests. What’s really great for this style nowadays; you can decide what and when! No need to plan, to record, etc. “I’m going to watch this NOW”, click.


This style has many personal preferences, but especially enjoys watching together. Not just for the fun of it but also to be able to share directly. Feelings, emotions, questions etc. No problem to adapt somewhat to the other.


With all the screens in the house nowadays, the sense of togetherness is often lost. Watching TV at set times with the whole family is probably still something to hold on to, even if it’s only for special occasions, days, shows, etc.


Watches in a focused but also particular way. These may be the favourite news or newscast programs, and that can be a TV broadcast, planned accordingly. At 20:00 hours… and after the programme, the TV is immediately switched off again.


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