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Q4 Clue 656 | (Work) stress

How do you deal with (potential) stress, setbacks and/or change?


Use your D-style to tackle and solve the causes of stress. We know how to postpone, prioritise differently, flee, ponder for too long, etc. Decide, deal with it and take action.


Accept that you do not have or can influence everything. No matter how much you wish for or how hard you try. There will always be stressors that you cannot control, and try to let go of them.


Don’t forget to recharge. Under high (work) pressure, we tend to neglect this. Just when it is most important! So know how to recharge your battery and, above all: make time for that, even when it feels inconvenient.


Be aware of what gives you energy. Think thoroughly about the question; what gives me energy? Then give that your attention (more) or increase it. Also, learn from others, how do they deal with it and what gives them energy?


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