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Q4 Clue 652 | Taking the initiative

How does which style take the initiative?


Does not want to lose time. Therefore takes immediate action, a decision or sets something in motion instead of waiting. Takes the initiative and dares to stick out their neck. But whether that is always right or (already) desirable remains to be seen.


Can quickly take the initiative, sometimes too soon, too much. But always with the thought in mind: what do others think of this? Will it be appreciated? Can be reluctant when there is doubt about this.


Basically passive and waits for what the surroundings decide or demand. Certainly, if the initiative requires something completely new or brings a change, this style can rise to the occasion and start doing/executing.


Am I the right person? Do I have this responsibility? What are the rules? This style asks those kinds of questions first. But it is a type that – after some thought – can take the initiative and come up with very creative solutions.


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