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Q4 Clue 651 | Who is your conversation partner?

Of course, we have – and prefer to follow – our own preferred communication order. But what if that is not possible or even desirable? Being able to switch quickly is the motto then. Recognise your conversation partner (as quickly as possible), and how do you adapt?


In this case, the D stands for Direct. It can be recognised by the direct tone of voice, use of words and actions. Brief, forceful and fast. Very simple; be this way yourself. No weather talk, etc. The D partner wants an answer to his or her What question as fast as possible. What is it? What does he or she want from me? But above all: what is in it for me?


The I person welcomes you openly and cordially; please enter! Know that this person is primarily interested in the Who? question. He or she is interested in getting to know each other out of feelings. The ratio business comes later. Be enthusiastic about yourself, but don’t forget to let the other person speak (a lot) too.


Friendly, warm and supportive. Shows empathy. Knows – depending on the conversation – how you are likely to feel and puts you at ease. The start can be a long period of small talk. Adjust your pace and take it slowly, step by step. Don’t put pressure and don’t expect an immediate result or decision.


Formality is the indicator, especially at a first meeting. By the rules, as it should be. Often has a meeting agenda drawn up which is presented at the start. Stick to it, and give all the information down to the last detail. That is why you should always come well-prepared; you might just run into a C-style…


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