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Q4 Clue 650 | World Animal Day

We read that many people have acquired a pet lately. Mostly a dog. But which one? Did they make the right choice? Which dog suits who best?


Status dog
A dog with a certain appearance or image that suits the D-style. A type that offers a challenge. Like a lot of exercise and activity or (also) requiring specific handling. Like I can handle this tough dog.


Companion dog
When you get many people over and want to take your dog everywhere, it should be a breed that likes that. An ‘outgoing dog’ so to speak. It is important to train it like this, to get used to it.


Family dog
Everyone in the family and beyond must be able to deal with this dog. No threat, no unexpected events. Stable and friendly by nature. A mixed-breed dog is also fine as long as it is a sweet and kind-hearted dog.


This style will make a well-considered choice. Choosing a specific breed that suits the living and leisure situation. Also wants to invest in it. To train, exercise and/or show the dog, depending on what one prefers.


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