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Q4 Clue 648 | Week of Work Happiness

Of course, many more factors play a role – such as by which values or interests you are driven – but the emotional social skills( EQ) influences this as well—the DISC needs versus happiness at work.


This style likes (big) challenges in their work. Goals, deadlines and/or competition. Lots of variety and a fast pace environment. Preferably an independent role, in charge as much as possible.


Constantly gaining new experiences, lots of change, and, above all, frequent social interaction is important to our I-style. This in an open and positive environment. This style enjoys being in the limelight.


The S style prefers a quiet, familiar and stable work environment. Prefers to work with others, where team spirit, solidarity, helping and supporting each other are all essential.


This style is happy with a work environment where logic and facts rule. Delivering high quality and not making mistakes. There must be time enough for this, time to think.


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