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Q4 Clue 647 | Q4 Profiles Summer Event ’21

Last Saturday we (finally) celebrated our annual ‘Summer Event’. How did we enjoy the event altogether?


Finally, we were able to decide; we have it again. Pretty exciting because things are still far from ‘normal’. The summer wasn’t really either, so the weather was also a bit of a risk. But we persevered, and the tenth edition is a fact!


How nice it is to be together again! Especially now you realise; it is not a given to be able to be together, play, eat, etc. Then when you see everyone having fun on the island, it makes it extra special!


Call it a clich√©, but it was also a bit like coming home again, as one family. In bright orange this edition! And before you know it, the day has flown by, and everything is back on the barge, back to the quay…


Of course, we had to follow the rules and regulations. And that was not always easy. But we carried on, and in the end, we all saw happy faces at this special edition!

Next time, we look forward to seeing each other (all of us) again!


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