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Q4 Clue 644 | Anticipating

Foreseeing and recognising situations (business) and relationships (interpersonal). Where do the natural strengths of the different styles lie?


This style starts, acts, takes risks, sees no future obstacles. If it goes well, ‘wow, nicely anticipated!’ Of course, things can also go wrong (seriously). But then has the ability to anticipate the situation very quickly. Oops, ouch – and move on! And quickly forgotten…


This is a direct style. So especially one of quick anticipation. Above all, high adaptability when it comes to personal relationships. Plus, future-oriented, sensitive to (market) trends. This, together with the people side of this style, can give great commercial insights.


Very anticipating, especially in the relational domain. Aimed at creating and maintaining good (working) relationships. Tact, empathy and great at reading and recognising body language. Prevention is better than cure is the motto.


This style has a lot of (professional) knowledge. Focused on gathering information and thinking. From the past and the present. Can identify and anticipate expectation patterns. Not only in business but these qualities can also be applied to people.


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