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Q4 Clue 643 | Tell-a-joke-day

Do you know the joke about the style that…
Interesting to recognise the style of the joke-teller (and yourself!). How does someone tell a joke?


When we make fun of someone, it’s part of our D style. Mock someone, or embarrass them. If you have lots of this style, it’s easy. If you don’t, then sometimes you’ll pop out something that might shock you.


To make a perfect prank can be difficult for this style. Wants to do it, but in all the enthusiasm, it sometimes fails in the execution. The punch line of a joke is delivered too early, or the gag is revealed too early. But we can laugh about that too.


Self-mockery rather than mocking someone else. A joke told by this style is often a funny story or anecdote. One that recurs regularly at birthday parties. And, also depending on how far the evening has progressed, it will become taller and taller.


Don’t expect a rapid-response slap-bang joke, but when it comes… out of the blue—a brain-teaser that has to sink in (sometimes not even land). And/or a super dry one. Often the best, especially when they come unexpectedly. Timing is everything here.


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