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Q4 Clue 641 | How do you negotiate (well)?

This is a prime example where you need to draw on all your styles. Your strengths, but you also have to overcome your pitfalls. Consequently, some will be easier than others, but all are necessary.


You have to be persistent. State and monitor your own needs, demands and objectives. The D in us can go too far in this that you start behaving like the negotiating boss. Not listening, being stubborn and even arrogant. Then a win-win situation is a long way off.


You have to make connections. Diplomatic, skilful manoeuvring, deflecting objections, adjusting arguments etc. But this style can be too nice. You also have to stand up for and defend yourself, especially when the other party puts you under pressure.


You have to seek cooperation. Positive and friendly. You listen to the other person. You show interest in others. But a negotiation, especially when the game is not played fairly, can become unpleasant. This style can be too lenient then.


You have to proceed with diligence. You identify needs, expectations and starting points. You work according to the appropriate rules and conditions. But that can also be your pitfall; too strict, too tenacious and not open to the input of others.

Clue idea by Ismahane Ben Smail


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