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Q4 Clue 640 | Starting a conversation

Maybe we’ve lost touch with the lockdown. Or maybe you are just finding it a bit more difficult. How do the different styles make conversation? Or not.


This style breaks the ice with a ‘direct strike’ like a comment or joke. Hahaha! This can be experienced as too direct or even as annoying or insulting. Then it won’t be a long conversation. Also, open up and let the other person have their say.


The ‘first hurdle’ has already been taken with your natural open body posture and a smile. But the fear of looking foolish. Imagine you are unable to express yourself or the other person doesn’t understand you. It can become uncomfortable. But that’s part of the game; laugh about it!


The S-style is highly people-oriented. You enjoy getting to know other people. However, you sometimes lack the courage to speak to a stranger. Know that is true for many people even though they like it too. So start casually with small talk.


In certain situations, it is appropriate to have a chat. Or you want to know or learn from an interesting person. But how do you open, what do you say? Don’t overthink it; start talking. Start light-heartedly and only when the conversation allows it to go into more depth.


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