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Q4 Clue 639 | Tokyo 2020/1

This Friday, a year late, the 2020 Olympic Games will begin in Tokyo. What will these games be like, and how will the athletes experience them?


At last, for all those athletes who A) had to wait and train (mostly alone) for a year longer, B) have known much uncertainty – gonogogonogogo – and C) have had a hard time keeping their motivation and focus. Does that affect performance? We will see soon!


No spectators (certainly not from outside Japan). No parties in the Holland Heineken House, at least no outsiders allowed. No family or friends can be there. And almost no contact with fellow athletes. So no sociable, fun games.


But this year, it is the biggest NL team ever. Because of all the corona troubles, this group will mostly be depending on each other—a big family in the bubble of pavilion 7. Testing every day, you are only allowed out of the Olympic village if you are not in action. Different than usual…


In this 32nd edition, the flag is carried by Churandy Martina and Skatekeet! That is, the 16-year old Keet Oldenbeuving who competes in a new OS discipline: skateboarding. Other new sports are baseball/softball, sport climbing, surfing and the national sport of Japan; karate.


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