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Q4 Clue 637 | Workaholic

When a large part of your life – also privately – is spent on work. What are the pitfalls of the different styles that can lead to this?


High, big and fast goals, deadlines and ambitions. This quickly results in high work pressure. Not directly concerned with the execution, but with having to decide, organise, delegate and follow-up. This is also easily carried over into private life…


Keeping in touch is a pitfall here, especially now that you can do that at any time of the day. Always a quick check of the mail or app. Quickly ask how your colleague is doing, etc. This is not always experienced as work pressure, but it often is. Pling, you’ve got mail…


The style of actually executing, producing. Finishing up, resolving backlogs. Will not complain or delegate easily and works long hours. “Hard work has never killed anyone” is the credo, but people think otherwise these days…


The thinker or, in less favourable circumstances, the brooder. Can bring work home ‘in your head’. So at home, while eating, at bedtime, exercising or whatever, you’re still working. But, unfortunately, there is no easy off switch for this…


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