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Q4 Clue 635 | Are you still taking a holiday?

Very tempting picture, perhaps? But are you going, and if so, where? How do the different styles approach this question?


If we need to take a little risk, we need to tap into our D style. Can already book a trip while the country is still orange. And doesn’t worry too much about whether travel advice might change. Enjoy when you can, and we’ll see.


Wouldn’t want to miss the boat (plane). Really misses the fun and variety. If there is a possibility and possible, then – perhaps not completely well thought out – decide to go. Open-minded, and surely it will be OK! A style like this regards surprises like an adventure.


Too early? Too much fuss? Risky? Just imagine you’re in Greece, and halfway through, it turns orange. Or not clear what the entry restrictions are of a country, what if you don’t get in! Maybe we should go (again) closer to home this year, safely accessible by own transport.


Whenever a responsible choice arises, this style can go. But keeps as much control as possible. Takes a flexible, adaptable, money-back guarantee booking. Checks the travel information app regularly, has a plan ready and takes action at the slightest suspicion.


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