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Q4 Clue 634 | European Football Championship started

It has begun. The 2020 European Football Championship in 2021… How do we experience this?


Maybe it’s not quite alive yet. Even despite the advertisers who are all too keen to get the orange craze going… But now that it started and especially now that we (if you are into Orange 😉 ) won the first match, are we excited about it again?


It may be that you liked the terrace so much last Sunday that you stayed on and did not or only watched a part of the match. That is fine. For this style counts, I don’t want to miss out on ‘something nice together’. Which one doesn’t matter, but it can be a difficult choice.


This is essentially a family championship! Forced by the well-known circumstances. But that is actually totally okay for this style, at home cosy on the couch or in a garden setting with the family and a few close friends or neighbours.


This style actually finds it just fine too. Viewing somewhere else is fun but often hard to see, hear, and many ‘distractor’ persons around you. Home is where the best seat in the house is. Plus, you decide who sits next to you, or rather, who doesn’t…


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