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Q4 Clue 633 | How to deal with people who talk a lot?

We know, one style is not the other. But we also know no one type is better or not. The same goes for ‘talking a lot’. Strengths and pitfalls. How do we deal with this situation?


This style communicates in a fast and no-nonsense way. A talkative person can, therefore, quickly become annoying. Tends to speed things up or even cut it off. But of course, it is not always one-way. Sometimes you have to let the other ‘rattle on’ a bit for the best result.


By nature, this is the style that talks with ease. A strong characteristic of this style; influencing, inspiring, encouraging, etc. But this can go too far or be experienced as ‘too much’ by others. Especially when you start thinking out loud in all your enthusiasm.


This style is a good listener and is receptive to others, so he/she can tolerate it. But there is a limit, especially if it is not a mutual talk. Will remain friendly but has ‘tricks’ to cut people off. And when you are in a good mood, know you can also be a chatterbox!


Think before you speak. Will, therefore easily be annoyed by styles that do not do so and can (subconsciously) radiate this. Usually, the other person will pick up on these signals. Know that it can also annoy the other way round; say what you think; you’re so quiet!


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