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Q4 Clue 632 | How do you prevent other people from walking all over you?

Of course, we are a combination of styles, and we can adapt. But how does a style primarily react to an incident like this?


The D style in us is the style of direct action, stating the boundary immediately up to here and no further. Of course, that is not always the best way. It can put pressure on a relationship, but it also can’t or shouldn’t be done (authority).


This style will indicate it in a verbal but friendly way. Swift but witty. Or laugh about it and shrug it off. Especially if it becomes too difficult or truly unpleasant, then that is the I-style way of avoiding it.


This style can endure it. Let it happen. It attempts to remain friendly and to appease or even prevent it. But indirect action, or rather a reaction, follows. Seeks out supporters, forms a front and starts to counteract.


By nature, this style will not directly oppose either, especially if it is the first time. First wants to think about it, understand it and then determine an appropriate response. Will come back on it. And this can certainly be a ‘fight reaction’ too. ” Listen, about yesterday…”.


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