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Q4 Clue 628 | Procrastination

We all experience procrastination – to a greater or lesser extent. But how does it relate to the different styles?
And is it always ‘bad’?


This style can postpone something, or in other words, not start something because of motivation. To find something irrelevant and to give more priority to something else.

But, when this style sets its mind to something, it is full, no fear, and to the limit.


With the I-style, concentrating can be a game-breaker. Easily distracted and a short attention span. Especially when tasks are labelled as boring or unpleasant. Like; doing it alone and/or detail-oriented.

But, very flexible and therefore capable of doing many (partial) tasks in quick succession.


Fear can lead to procrastination for this style. The unfamiliar or the lack of instructions. That feels (excuse maybe) like I can’t start yet. I have to wait for someone to explain it to me.

But, it can also be a good thing to consider the risks first before you start.


Wait until you know everything or at least a very great deal of it. That is C-style procrastination. And when is good enough, when do you decide you can start? The C dilemma.

But, by not starting in a hurry and yet completing the task in one go and flawless…


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