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Q4 Clue 627 | King’s Day #2

The first Kings Day in corona times was unfortunate but novel and extraordinary. Tomorrow, however, will be the second one, which is not normal. How do we experience this kind of days now?


Lasts far too long
We are all slowly getting tired of it. If we allow our D-style to play up, we may become impatient and perhaps even force things, bend the rules a little.


Missing relationships
What this style misses are the others around us. Not just family and friends, but also other people around us. The companionship, the happiness, the liveliness. When to return??


Getting used to it
The new normal, if it lasts long enough, it will wear off automatically. Especially when you ‘forget’ things. What you don’t remember, you don’t miss. Where was I 3 years ago again?


Reason prevails
Our C-style ratio still overcomes it mostly. We know the why. We see the numbers, and we know, just hang in there a bit more. But how long can the ratio last? Rules are rules, but…


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