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Q4 Clue 626 | How much do you have to like each other on a team?

Not always if you ask me. Because isn’t it precisely these ‘not nice’ qualities that make the team successful? That your pitfalls are the strengths of another team member and HOW you can progress together?


Dislike: I set goals and achieve targets. Make (force) decisions and not afraid of a confrontation.
But: I do get things done both within and outside the team. Will go through fire for the team.


Dislike: I can be manipulative in influencing people. I am impulsive and can go very fast and quickly change.
But: I bring fun and am enthusiastic and inspiring, and in particular to stakeholders outside the team (too).


Dislike: I need to know how things work and how they should be done. I am careful and prefer to avoid conflict.
But: I am the team contributor par excellence. Monitor harmony and truly accomplishes things.


Dislike: I am cautious and thorough. Therefore do not go fast; always want to think things through first.
But: I monitor and deliver quality. I am objective and analytical. Can take the team to a higher level.


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