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Q4 Clue 625 | Making mistakes is okay!

When you read this Clue title, you think; yes, that is pretty obvious. But why are we then so concerned with not making mistakes in the first place and how do the different styles experience this?


What makes it tricky is having to get back up again and again after you fell on your face.
But it is necessary… in order to grow. With every mistake you make, you take one step forward. You can’t always get around things either; sometimes, you really have to go through them.

“Every miss brings you closer to the bullseye.”


What makes it hard is the (social) rejection. People get angry, laugh at you or tell you no.
Making mistakes is human. We say it so many times, but it’s just the way it is. It is also just the way it should be. It is also just the way it is allowed to be. Everyone makes mistakes.

“Failure is an event, not a person.”


It’s hard when it involves something new and unknown. Perfectly understandable.
Therefore, it requires courage. Most adults are afraid of it and choose to be safe and cautious. And yet, isn’t this precisely why we fail?

“If you are afraid to fail, you have already failed without having done anything at all.”


Not wanting/allowing/being able to make mistakes? Perhaps you experience that as embarrassing?
We learn from mistakes—a super cliché but also so true. Look at kids; failure is the #1 way kids learn. And what is “experience”? The name we give to our mistakes?

“Mistakes are the best teachers.”


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