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Q4 Clue 624 | Second Easter (pandemic) day

When we wrote this clue, we had the faint hope that the rules would have eased up by Easter. But no… So what does the day (not) look like for you today?


Outdoor sports up to 26 years old are allowed again, but you still need to keep the 1.5 metres and with a maximum of 2 people if you’re older. Rounding up your sports team (or cheering them on) is still out of the question…


Many people had hoped that the terraces would be open again. Even if it was just the two of you at a table. And even when it was chilly, you would go—the patio heater on and under a blanket. But alas…


Still, only one person on a visit allowed. But still, go by the family or visit some good friends? And maybe bend the rules a teeny tiny bit? We haven’t seen each other for so long…


So no choice then back to walking again. There is no question of spreading out (like to the shopping mall or so). Okay, an hour longer in the evening, but your favourite walking area will be crowded still…


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