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Q4 Clue 620 | Jantje Beton foundation

Provided that the situation allows it, the collection will come by again this week. To create, maintain and promote outdoor play areas. Did you know that 3 in 10 children do not or only play once a week outdoors? To play is good for you and your brain is the motto:


It is good for self-confidence. By playing, you build up your self-esteem and control. You also learn to solve problems. Perfect for practising motor skills, both the fine and the gross. Jumping, running, tumbling, rolling, climbing, etc. Also good for stamina!


It is also important to build social skills. Making friends, establishing contact and connection and also learning to resolve conflicts. And it helps to learn how to deal with emotions. It increases calmness and resilience, and playing is even associated with less anxiety and stress.


Of course, it is also important for physical and mental health. Sunlight and the outdoors. Strong bones and a better immune system. Plus the social development, who lives where in the neighbourhood and what are the roles and rules of everyday life are.


Learning too, of course. From language skills to mathematical concepts. Trying challenging tasks, making comparisons and understanding cause and effect. It also makes children creative, creating their own worlds and using their imagination. But also flexible thinking and improvising.
In short:


Never stop playing!



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