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Q4 Clue 618 | Don’t forget to exercise

As it goes on and on, it becomes more and more important to exercise regularly. How do we do this according to the different styles, and how can we keep it up?


This style seeks to challenge, goals and competition. That’s hard to do only against yourself, especially the last one. But there are lots of ways to stay motivated these days. Many (live) online workouts or you can use social apps to (virtually) compete against others.


On your own, it is simply tough for this style. Very quickly, it becomes too boring, and you give up. But there are many group lessons on the internet. Maybe even at your existing gym or sports club. Train online at set times with others. And perhaps hang out for a bit afterwards.


Together is also pleasant for this style. But it’s also fine for just the two of you. And it doesn’t have to be all max and HITT! A half-hour walk around the neighbourhood is okay too. And it is nice too, to talk about some other things.


Solo sports fit this style just fine. Probably not much has changed in the sports practice with the lockdown and all that. Also, everything is pretty much in order now in terms of home set-up, equipment etc. But discipline is and remains a challenge without a buddy or the regularity of a club.


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