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Q4 Clue 616 The day of self-confidence

How do different styles assess their own qualities? And where can they go wrong?


By nature, this style is sure of itself even if it is not always so, of course. Not afraid to lose face, to be disliked or to fall on your face.
But he/she can think in terms of black and white. This can be positive and negative, such as I’m not good at this or I’ll never learn it. And of course, unrealistic goals are hard to achieve.


This style is optimistic by nature and has the ability to cover up any uncertainties and lesser qualities. He or she can talk their way out of it. Or convinces oneself, you can do it!
But always that little voice saying “what do others think of me?”. I will soon be noticed and ‘they’ will see that I can’t do anything. Comparing yourself with others also works against you.


By nature, this style wants to create a safe environment at work and in private life. In this context, this style is the boss. Someone whom others can depend on and rely on, and someone who never backs down!
But value this for yourself as well. Accept compliments and don’t always put yourself down. And sometimes there is uncertainty, and that is fine, just let it be.


This style naturally wants to know how and why and quality is of paramount importance. If that’s all right, so is self-confidence, as far as the subject is concerned. Sometimes perhaps a little too much.
There is no greater critic than your inner critic. Dealing with criticism is also a challenge. Tip; don’t forget to look at what you have already achieved.


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