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Q4Clue 614 Seating position

We know, a good seating position is essential! Especially now that we can spend whole days sitting at the dinner table. But also on the couch, or anywhere else. How do you recognise a style by the (wrong) seating posture?


The active seating style. Tip of the chair, swift (ready for action) and leaning forward. The muscles – especially in the neck and shoulders – tightened. And the relax (or rather domineer?) position: leaning back, hands in the neck and legs on the table/ desk.


Sitting hanging down can even be experienced as the ‘uninterested sitting posture’ by others. But this style is quickly bored, so you can – certainly, at home – seek other places to sit. With the laptop on the couch, on the floor, dangling over the bannister and so on.


Do you recognise that when you are focused on executing your job, what you want/have to finish, you often sit in the same position for a long time? That is the S-style (in us). The ‘you practically sit in your computer posture’. Head/shoulders forward and feet crossed underneath you.


This is our style which knows you have to sit. And on what you should sit on. But no matter how great the specialism in ergonomics is, it can go awry (see also point S). Or you have been sitting in a way that is ”ingrained” for years. And then try to get rid of it.


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