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Q4Clue 613 Doubt (yourself)

Everyone can experience it from time to time. Doubt what you can do, about yourself. How does this manifest itself in different styles?


The primary driving force of the D-style is control. If for whatever reason, this cannot be achieved or is lost, it can cause uncertainty and therefore, doubt. This style will not want to show this, but anxiously trying to regain and keep control, which are clear indications.


The I-style in us is particularly sensitive to social aspects, within a relationship but also with family, friends and colleagues. Such as undermining trust or ( sensing of) social rejection can lead to doubt. You can recognise it by a lot of talking and responding (over)emotionally.


The feeling of not knowing is the incitement to doubt. So everything is done to maintain the status quo. But that is not always possible, of course, take COVID-19… The S-style does not express this quickly but worries a lot under the surface, which can be exposed by physical problems.


It all has to be perfect(ionistic)—very high (unrealistic) expectations. Then things can quickly go ‘wrong’ in the mind of this style and give doubt. About yourself, about others. Becoming quiet, withdrawing to think about it, even more, this can quickly turn into worrying.


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