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Q4 Clue 612 Vaccination

Apart from personal objections and beliefs, how do the different DISC styles (or combinations thereof) deal with ‘the vaccination’? Whether or not (immediately).


May or may not.
May; if it’s of personal benefit to you, you see it as useful.
May not; if the above is not immediate.
Simple, isn’t it?


Very important in the decision-making process is who too? Who else? Let us do it together, or we don’t. The opinion can easily change when you are convinced by someone that is close to you or has importance (to you).


Such a new vaccine is quite frightening. Fear brings safety, but it can also slow you down. Fundamentally, that’s what this style does to us. Probably we get (slowly) convinced and then roll up our sleeves too.


Such a new vaccine is quite worrying. Mainly the record speed with which it is developed. Has it been thoroughly researched and thought through? Has it been tested well? Truly safe? All the side-effects indeed so, and all known? First, let it prove itself (if there is no urgency).


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