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Q4Clue 611 World Braille Day

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Braille is reading with the fingers through an embossed alphabet. A system for reading and writing with the tactile sense. Braille Day is created to bring the importance and meaning of Braille to the attention of the general public.


January 4th is the day Louis Braille (1809-1852) was born. As a child, he became blind by an accident, but quickly gained control of his dark world. At the age of fifteen, he designed the script, which was so good that it never changed!


A system of six (three by three) tactile dots with which form letters, numbers, punctuation marks and a number of symbols. Each of these has a specific combination. In the present time, we still use this system, even on the current smartphones and tablets.


Louis Braille made sure that the blind came out of their isolation. Enabledling them to read and learn more effectively, of course, but above all to communicate. Two years after his death, the Braille script was officially recognised and slowly introduced everywhere as the official script for the blind.


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