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Q4Clue 607 Keeping teams together

Indeed, now that we often work from home, this topic is very current. Understanding the needs of the different styles and how to maintain the bond.


Whatever the position of a D-style, they want to be and remain in control. Involve this style at all times and in an early stage in the decision-making process. Nothing is more numbing to this style than to be presented with a fait accompli. Give choices, give a say.


For the I-style, it is essential to have a feeling of belonging. Seeks confirmation so give confirmation, recognition. By the way, this style can also very well fulfill this function within the team; responsible for the team cohesion.


The need for this style is the appreciation for the work completed. For the production, the performance, the productivity. Whatever you want to call it. And this appreciation has to be sincere, so the S-style has to be able to contribute (for the team) truly.


This style needs time to think. Align the processes allowing this. Make sure that all information is available, preferably in advance, and wherever you work. The risk in these days is that talks and information flows run differently and thus (as it seems to be) too fast.


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