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Q4Clue 604 High Potentials

Who are these HiPos? How do you recognise this 3-5 % of the workforce, what are their characteristics? Interesting; these characteristics cover all DISC styles.


High Potentials are happy to take charge and accept responsibility. Also beyond their job description and take the initiative. They do not buckle under pressure.


They ask questions and are also very enthousiastic about their career ambitions. They are striving for recognition and are engaged in (the future of) the company.


HiPos are good at what they do. They are happy to recognise and help their colleagues and contribute to a positive dynamic in the workplace. They are trusted by and are friends with their colleagues.


They also work perfectly autonomously, are eager to learn new skills and accept that they don’t know the answers all the time. Therefore, they are open to constructive feedback.

And above all;
Regardless of the DISC style, the degree of emotial intelligence plays an essential role at High Potentials!