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Q4Clue 602 In-house emergency personnel day

Today is the national day of the company In-house Emergency Personnel. To out these more than 500,000 people in the spotlight (in this week of respect).


Realise that when there is an (evacuation) exercise, you do not react annoyed. Like “do we have to do it again?” or “I am too busy!” and then don’t participate… Bear in mind that this is a necessity and in the interest of all.


It is good to realise that there are people in your area who take the lead in the event of calamities. And that is everywhere! Not only at your company but also at the restaurant, the sports club, the amusement park etc. There is always emergency response personnel around you.


Emergency response staff don’t do it for themselves, but also for you. Don’t forget that these persons are the first on the scene when something serious or even life-threatening occurs. That implies a great responsibility as well.


Emergency response tasks are 1: Providing first aid, 2: Containing or fighting a starting fire and 3: Alerting, organising and supervising an evacuation plus they are the front-post for the professional emergency response worker. Respect!


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