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Q4 Clue 593 Online Learning

Learning is getting done more and more online nowadays. How do the different styles deal with this?


The disadvantage of an online learning environment is, you can postpone it. There is often something more critical that gets in between. Then suddenly it’s one minute before midnight (literally) and only a short study to tomorrow morning. But whether it will stick…


Can be easily distracted. Full of commitment you go for it and then after an hour or so you realize that you haven’t gotten any further than module one. Possibly you prefer to do it in person, live, if only to keep up with the lessons and progress.


In your own, safe and relaxed environment where you can study at your own pace and step by step is of course great. But preferably with a short link to a real person for a question or for help. Even if that is just for the sake of knowing it’s possible.


It can be perfect for this style. Nice and quiet, just by yourself and without distractions. But only according to clear and precise instructions, information and procedures. Everything has to work flawlessly. If not, this style will drop out very quickly.


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