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Q4Clue 592 Ideal Work Environment

We know that the Personal (DISC) Style only tells something about the HOW. Many other ‘layers’ contribute to the final choice and whether or not someone is successful in a specific position. But when we look solely at the DISC style, what is the ideal work environment?


This style often shows a high level of ambition. Is looking for challenges (e.g. open to incentives) and opportunities, dares to take risks. This requires an environment with individual freedom and the ability to self-direct (control).


Interaction with people is indisputable, preferably in a positive and open work environment where there is also time for the social aspects. However, there must be ‘sufficient pace and variety’; otherwise, a style like this can quickly get boring.


The environment on the People side; harmony, relaxation, collegiality, loyalty and team spirit. On the Task side; clearly defined instructions, tasks and responsibilities. All this in a safe and sustainable work environment.


A work environment in which this style can pursue his or her (high) quality standards. Where delivering quality and accuracy is rewarded. Prefers to work with logical and systematical procedures. Working alone is fine.


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