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Q4Clue 591 Knowledge Transfer

When we link DISC to the transfer of knowledge, it is mainly about the question ‘how’ you transfer knowledge (to the various styles). What is the preference of a …


First, answer the “WHAT” question; What should I offer this person? Always a goal, a direction, a challenge, ambition. That is what the D-style will always verify and is therefore directly linked to the willingness to take on the knowledge.


Despite all preconceptions, a high I-style can absorb a considerable amount of knowledge as long as the motivation (interest) is there and stays. This motivation is mainly where the transfer focus lies. But not just only serious and regularly plan a break.


Proceed thoroughly, step by step. Preferably with a clear manual/instruction. If not, this style will write this itself (notes) and will keep checking with you. Patience is required. But is the transfer clear, no more worries.


This style will prepare beyond just the meeting. Provide documentation, a knowledge base and indicate where to find it. To (A) be able to prepare ( pre-announce) and (B) to be able to read (and to think). Give enough time for this as well!


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