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Q4Clue 586 Irritation

We can all be in someone’s allergy sometimes. Especially in the circumstances we’re in right now. Recognize and acknowledge your DISC traits which can irritate other people.


At a certain point, you’re ‘done with it’ because of your D-style. For example, if something takes too long for you. Then you can (re)gain control and force a decision. This can appear too direct and even as angry for another person.


In all your spontaneity and enthusiasm, you can go way too fast for others. In one sentence, you can announce three changes. This can irritate other styles. People don’t follow you anymore, can’t follow you and pull out.


Prudence, which is naturally present, can annoy others. Certainly, when it comes to new things and changes, this style can be a bit (too) hesitant. Or may come back on it later. That can be too slow for others and become irritating.


In order to strive for perfection, you want to be thoughtful, to figure it out and above all, to be well prepared. But that is not always feasible or desirable. Make a decision; take action. If you don’t do that (in time), that can be annoying for others.


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