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Q4 Clue 585 Flexibility

How flexible is a style? For example, when someone is (suddenly) given another task or assignment.


Black or white. Can change gears very quickly and adapt to something else immediately. But only if he or she is backing it, sees the benefits because this style can also firmly refuse. No!


Too much. Wants to please by nature + no issues at all with change = super flexible. The disadvantage is that later on you can (probably will) be overtaken by all the tasks you’ve dropped.


Difficult. Especially when it’s unexpected. The intention is there, but how? What about what I’m doing right now? Just give a bit of time to adjust to it. Then it’s okay.


Yeah, but… Always initiates the Why? Question first (directly or indirectly). So either bring all supporting arguments, then this style can switch quickly or expect some thinking time before he or she shifts.


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