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Q4 Clue 583 Who’s going on holiday?

We can (are allowed to) travel again. And we probably want to, but the question is; are we going?


We are told, travelling is at your own risk. This style will take risks a bit easier than others. Even willing to take the plane to a more further destination. That can give some exciting discussions between travel companions…


After all those days of social isolation, life has become very dull. So you can tickle yourself again, right? Have some fun. Check out the yellow destinations! Has a sunny outlook, we’ll just go, and it’ll all be okay!


This year it will not be a carefree holiday, and that can be a no-go for the S-style. This style can choose for a holiday closer to home or day trips. So at any moment you can jump in the car and be back home in a day.


Are you going anyway, then go wisely and prepared! Know the local rules. Check your travel insurance. And so forth. The question is whether this corona-risk analysis still makes it fun even to start thinking about a holiday at all…


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