Instead of putting others in their place, place yourself in theirs

Get to the point faster with Q4 Profiles


We have the conviction that increasing the self-awareness and insight in others are the basis of personal growth and with it a team’s growth. We work from compassion. This is what we stand for and is our motivation to continually optimise and develop our tools.

Our personality consists of more than one dimension. That’s why in addition to the Q4 Profiles Personal Style (DISC) Profile, we use the Personal Values Profile and the Personal Interests Profile as well, so we can paint a more complete picture. Our profiles create a context in which you can have a conversation with your clients.

We can achieve that by training you to become a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner, so you gain the knowledge, skills and tools that contribute to getting to the point faster with your colleagues and clients.

Why choose Q4 Profiles? You choose a practical and approachable method to increase someone’s self-knowledge.

In addition, we would like you to only focus on what you love to do: training and coaching. That’s why we fill your “toolbox” in addition to our validated profiles with some extra tools and services.

Our profiles are practically deployable in different fields of application, among which:

  • Effective Communication
  • Team Trainings
  • HR Issues
  • Change Processes
  • Personal Leadership
  • Time Management