“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”

The foundation of Q4 Profiles is that we are more than just a tool supplier.

Out of our passion for people and sharing knowledge, we train people to become Q4 Profiles Certified Partner. From the moment you have been certified, your personal journey in behaviour starts. You get access to all Q4 Profiles facilities. Among which:

  • access to all available knowledge

  • the Q4 Profiles portal especially for our Certified Partners

  • multiple knowledge sessions a year

  • masterclasses

  • the helpdesk

  • the print and bind service

  • the personalised tools (ex. Personal Notebook, KeyCard, Team Grid)

  • networking events (Summer Event and Winter Wonderland)

The basis of your journey starts with our Personal Style (DISC) profile that has been formed by 16 different preferred styles of people. The basis is formed by the DISC-theory by Dr William Moulton Marston.


By continuous development we are enabling you to have access to profiles that have been validated on language and culture. This contributes to the fact that people highly recognise themselves in the provided profiles and forms a solid base for getting to the point faster and book results in your conversations.

In addition to the Personal Style (DISC) Profile, we work with the Personal Values Profile and the Personal Interests Profile. Together, these form the complete motivation suite.

We would very much like to discuss what we can do for you. Or sign up for an inspiration session here.