Q4 Profiles has been working together with a large group of loyal consultants for years.

Bart Burghgraef


In 2013, now as a training consultancy, I was introduced to Q4 profiles. A friend of mine facilitated a perfect match between my interest and ambition shortly after a heavy medical recovery. The years before I had extensively worked as facilitator in group development processes and this was a brilliant addition to my service portfolio. In a rapidly changing world where people’s sense of safety is increasingly under pressure, Q4 profiles turned out to be much more than just ‘a tool’ as both trainers and end-users often perceive it. It equips people to better ‘decode’ human behaviors, what they mean and therefore to perceive the environment less hostile. In the Middle East, where I spend most of my professional time, I work with early career juniors as well as top executives of large corporations and government organizations. Especially the latter groups, –no exception- are truly impressed by the level of insights we reveal, even the “been there done that” type senior leaders.