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Cruiff once said: “You play football with your head, using your legs.”

By providing insight in the own preference style, we make the trainer/coach bette rand more effective. It is important to highlight three subjects:

  • Selfknowledge
  • Self-esteem
  • Self confidence

By making the trainer/coach more aware of the own preference style these three subjects will automatically emerge. In order to provide insight in ones own preference style we use the Q4 Sport Personal Trainer Coach Style Analysis DISC. Besides the theoretical knowledge the practical application is vital and contains the following three steps:

  • Behavioural Awareness; how do I do things in life, which circumstances do I prefer and which ones do not work for me?
  • Behaviour Recognition; learn how to recognise the different personal preference styles of your individual players by using the Player Observation Profile
  • Behavioural Application; using the gained insight in my own personal preference style and the preference style of the player allows me to enhance their performance in a more effective way.
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Within it sports world a lot of attention goes to the technical, tactical and physical aspect. There is a fourth part besides these three which is often forgotten: the mental aspect. Because of the increase in awarenees concerning the mental aspect of a player, a lot of questions arise on how to approach this aspect in the best way possible. This is why Q4 Sport was founded.

A correct way of communication directly contributes to the enhancement of team efforts and creating more fun on the sportsfield. The trainers and coaches learn that every individual athlete has an own preference style and needs to be approached differently and needs to understand that they all express themselfs in a different way. By having the insight in these differences in character and the different ways to approach them, they will feel bette rand more understood instead of treating every individual the same way.

Q4 Sport believes that the right mental support within sports will make a structural contribution in the enhancement of personal- and team performances.

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