“A talent is formed in silence, a character in the world’s torrent”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Roy Ramdjanamsingh
Roy RamdjanamsinghPersonal Style: Enthusiast (Id).
Q4 Profiles’ founder and director, behaviour specialist since 1997 and as developer, behaviour coach and inspirator active for different companies among which Certified Partners, Eurofins, ABN-AMRO, NUON, KNLTB, Cruyff Football.

“We offer people support, self-awareness and understanding. Within a context where it really makes a difference. Because when they know themselves and each other better, they will interact with each other more effectively and they will become more tolerant towards each other. That’s where I want to contribute to…”

Erwin Kruk
Erwin KrukPersonal Style: Enthusiast (Id)
Worked a few years in the IT-sector and is now responsible for product development and for keeping the applications running at Q4 Profiles. Can always be reached for fundamental support and information over the phone.

“My working day varies from one moment to another. One minute I’m speaking to a consultant about a profile over the phone, the next I’m steering a programmer. What triggers me, is that we give people so much more insight in themselves and others. They get how they can communicate better and that’s how a lot less things are going wrong. It really makes me happy to be able to contribute to this.”

Eline Reijnders
Eline ReijndersPersonal Style: Perfectionist (Cs)
Was educated in HEAO International Management and is responsible for all back-office activities, client contact and the after-sales within Q4 Profiles.

“behind the scenes, everything needs to be arranged: it’s important that it happens punctually, but also to do it in a personal, involved and welcoming way. I think it’s important for people to feel home immediately at Q4 Profiles, if the atmosphere is good, everything will go much easier.””

Ingeborg Uljée
Ingeborg UljéePersonal Style: Perfectionist (Cs)
has extensive experience as office manager and Personal Assistant at various companies. Within Q4 Profiles she is responsible for the back-office process and the support to consultants.

“I like working in small, strong teams, being responsible for different projects and feeling the freedom to be creative. The atmosphere, the way of working and the contact with the consultants at Q4 Profiles ensure that every day is different.”

Theo Brack
Theo BrackPersonal Style: Perfectionist (Cs)
after receiving his degree in Commercial Economics he gained experience in sales at a corporate organisation. At the moment he is responsible for Marketing and Sales for Q4 Profiles.

“I joined the Q4 Profiles team at the end of 2017 and it is a tremendously educational experience so far. My goal is to establish a strong brand together with our highly valued Certified Partners in which compassion and empathy form the foundation of our actions.”

Q4 Profiles Certified Ditributors

Esther Huisman
Esther HuismanPersonal Style: Enthusiast (Id)
Q4 Profiles Horse

Esther Huisman (1973) studied Labour- and Organisational Psychology and works closely with Q4 Profiles since 2009. She trains consultants for our Personal Style certification training and is also a text writer. She has two horses and is co-developer of the Q4Horseprofile (
With the Horseprofile she combines her knowledge of human behaviour and passion for horses.

“It is my belief that, as an equestrian/horse owner, we have the responsibility to adjust ourselfs to the preferences of our horse. Because of this we will treat our horses more pleasent, train more effective with better results.”

Ruud Donker
Ruud DonkerPersonal Style: Pionier (Dc)
Q4 Profiles Sport

Distributor and co-developer Q4 Profiles Sport. Proud of the developed apllicationprofile for the Trainer Coaches within sports. I would like to make a significant contribution to the following.

“Q4 Sport believes that the right mental support can structurally contribute to the enhancement of personal- and team achievements. The misson of Q4 Sport is to create awareness within the sports world causing to stimulate personal development which eventually will lead to better team performances and more joy on the sportsfield.”

Cruiff once said: “You play football with your head, using your legs.”

Thierry Mazue
Thierry MazuePersonal Style: Specialist (Sc)
Q4 Profiles Business Distributor France