Roy Ramdjanamsingh

Behaviour specialist | Coach | Expert | Entrepeneur | Researcher | Enthusiast

Roy Ramdjanamsingh is Q4 Profiles’ founder and director. As a successful entrepreneur in the IT, Roy decided to follow his deeply rooted passion. He decided to sell his company and plunges in to an area called psychometrics. After years of study in his country and abroad, research and loads of conversations, he had had since then, he starts a new company that has been known as Q4 Profiles since 2008. The DNA of this company is mostly compassion. That starts with self-awareness and insight in others, so the people can optimally communicate with each other from each other’s perspectives. It’s this passion and his determination that underlie its current success. Roy knows how to get to people and how to get to the point fast and knows that people will see their power because of that.

He has done that with Certified Partners, a lot of corporate companies and in top-level sports among others.

“Lifelong learning” Roy Ramdjanamsingh.


The origin of his knowledge lies within a training he had in America by Dr. Michael J. O’Connor and Dr. Drea Zigarmi. Alongside his specialisation in the field of DISC, Values and Interests, Adaptability and Skills, Roy is involved in deepening research in his country and abroad, including Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0), QMQ (sabotage mechanisms by humans). Acquiring knowledge, sharing this knowledge and seeing with his own eyes that the consultants make a difference in the life of people is a huge motivation for him to go on.

Today, Q4 Profiles’ focus is to let people optimally communicate by using their talents, so that their performance, working pleasure and their vitality increases. To be able to realise this, Roy developed the Q4 Profiles behaviour profiles. These behaviour profiles measure people’s temperament, the values, interests, adaptability and skills. This helps people as well as organisations to get insight in their own communication style preferences and behaviour as well as that of others.

To translate the knowledge Roy has into validated profiles, he has used a lot of time and resources for the validation process (construct, face validity, test-retest). What makes the profiles unique is that these have been validated linguistically and culturally. This combination along with other things ensures that respondents recognise themselves on a high level.

Roy likes to share his knowledge and invites you to participate in one of his inspiration sessions. Click here to sign up.