“My passion is sharing knowledge; I want to teach people how to effectively use their talents and skills. I help them expand their insight in themselves and others.”

Roy Ramdjanamsingh

This passion for people has ensured we have been dealing with communication and behaviour for over 15 years.

In all those years we have turned different methods into profiles that have been validated in language as well as culture.
A few important theories are:

  • DISC-theory by Dr. William Moulton Marston
  • Values-theory by Morris Massey
  • Interests theory by Michael O’Connor and Drea Zigarmi

Out of these three theories and the passion we have for people and their behaviour we have developed three profiles:

From the very first moment, we are convinced that DISC is a part of the human behaviour, namely the outer layer that people can observe: interpersonal communication. That is where we make a direct difference. We are convinced that people and their behaviour are composed of more than DISC and that people are more than a pigeon hole with personality traits. The profiles create a context in which we have a conversation.

Click on the different profiles for more information about the context.

In everything we do, there is a baseline that we want to help people to gain more self-awareness, insight in other people and using their talents optimally. The beginning of this journey is the training to become a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner in which we take you with us in our passion.

All people that use the Q4 Profiles style profiles and the application profiles have been trained and accredited by us. On top of the extensive training program we support you with different practical tools that add an extra dimension to your conversations. We continually develop new products and services that make sure you, as a consultant / trainer / coach, can focus completely on your own passion: training and coaching people.

The fact that our consultants often describe us as “a warm bath feeling” motivates us every day to walk the extra mile. To start the journey, we would like to invite you to oneĀ of our inspiration sessions.