Why Q4 Profiles?

Be inspired to get to work as a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner and contribute to realising our mission.

As a consultant, coach, advisor, manager or trainer you can successfully and efficiently use all Q4 Profiles instruments in your daily work practice. With us, you can choose from a broad package of instruments that clearly show someone’s behaviour, attitude, communication style and personal power. Our power is that we can clearly distinguish the conscious and unconscious motives and map them efficiently.

So, you can get into your client’s motives that are beneath the surface and often stay uncalled. With it, it becomes clearer how conscious and unconscious behaviour relates to each other.

Q4 Profiles is there to support you as a consultant / trainer / coach and ensures that you should only take care of your passion: training and coaching people. We do this by making our digital environment very accessible and take away all your unnecessary work.

Especially because of this very high service and personal contact, we often hear that Q4 Profiles feels like “a warm bath”. This personal approach and custom solutions ensure you can translate this to solutions for your clients and we will support you whenever you need it in this process.

Content-relatedly, you choose profiles that have been validated in the Netherlands. For you as a consultant, this is a highly distinctive character. To complete the portfolio and your “toolbox” we have developed some supportive tools, as for example:

  • Personal Notebook with your name and style
  • Personal KeyCard
  • Communication Grid
  • Team Grid
  • DISCoverymap

When we look at the different profiles, Q4 Profiles has developed some unique application profiles which enable you to interpret the behaviour within a specific function.

The most important thing is that you can get to the point faster with our profiles and that you can help people in a firm and effective way to develop more self-awareness and insight in others. The result is that you as a consultant help people map and develop their talents and can also keep an eye on the potential pitfalls at the same time.