Why you should become a Q4 Profiles Certified Partner?

“Sometimes you have those dreams that keep you awake at night, until you start living those dreams”

Are you looking as a trainer, coach or consultant for a complete set of tools that can help you in your conversations? Are you looking for tools that support you to get to the point faster? Or are you looking to develop your behaviour? Q4 Profiles is the right place to start and we would love to make the journey together. Below you can find 10 tips by Q4 Profiles’ founder and director, Roy Ramdjanamsingh.

“These 10 tips will help you! 9 years ago, I started Q4 Profiles. I have learned a lot about the behaviour of people because of that. I have seen how the effectiveness grows by using the right analysis. Since I use these tips, my company has grown significantly. That’s why I share the 10 most important tips that have helped me.

  1. Coaching starts with:

    Self-knowledge (what am I good at and what should I work on more),

    Self-appreciation (can I share what I’m good at with others).

    Self-confidence (being myself and believing in that).

  2. Prepare well, know who your client is, what is the help/coach question.

    To get this clear, I always ask the following questions:

    a. What (What is the help question, what do you want to discuss to be helped with)

    b. Why (why do you want this, why is this question important to you)

    c. How (how does the solution seem to you, when will you have the feeling you’ve been helped)

    d. Who (have I prepared myself enough, who is sitting right across from me, who is also concerned)

These are the most important questions to start with for me. If you can match those questions with your client’s communication order, you get the optimal result immediately.

So the question is what question you start with: what, why, who or how?

Roy’s intellectual legacy, and with that Q4 Profiles’, is sharing knowledge, increasing self-awareness and insight in others, so that the mutual tolerance increases and people can deal with each other better. Compassion and empathy are key to this. That’s why we put your brief Q4 Profiles Personal Style (DISC) Profile at your disposal, because we would like you to experience what this information will bring you.

When you become Q4 Profiles Certified Partner, you will be trained to get to work completely independently with our profiles and you will be able to offer people more self-awareness and insight in others.

We can imagine you having a lot of questions concerning your brief profile. That’s why we invite you to attend one of our inspiration sessions. Sign up here and we would love to meet you!

3. Before the start of every course, I always make a funded analysis. This helps me to create the right context for the conversation. A Q4 Personal Style (DISC) profile creates the context you need for a conversation with your client.
4.  Always ask the question you as a coach think is important, dare to ask questions to get to the core of the help question.
5.  Present your client with the solution, what challenge will you solve for them.
6.  Focus on your speciality as coach and fine-tune your target group on it. That’s how you create recognition and a niche in your market.
7.   Passion, involvement, integrity and mutual respect turn your clients into ambassadors.
8.  Turn your passion into your job and the feeling of having to work will disappear. Energy is what you get in return.
9.  Always do more than you promise and exceed the client’s expectations through your involvement and passion.
10.Keep on developing yourself and plan time to get to know yourself and new insights in your niche. Keep on learning, keep on learning….

I would like to help grow your coaching. A part of this is the analysis. The right analysis is needed to get to the point and to increase your insight. Are you ready to make your own personal profile and increase your self-awareness? Then fill out the questionnaire and create your personal profile online. After filling out the questionnaire, you will get a brief profile by email. Do you dare to accept the challenge?”

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